OUR Current Needs:


  1.  Back packs and school supplies for 1000 youth.
  2.  A diesel extended cab 4WD pick-up truck- To provide transportation for missionary teams visiting the area and carry supplies to schools. A 4WD vehicle is needed to get around when it is raining. There roads are not paved, and they turn into clay when it rains. 
  3.  (2) 230 volt solar panels, (8) 12 volt Trojan batteries and a 4000 watt automatic inverter charger- The city provides (4) hours of power randomly throughout the day. The mission house has a generator, but this is a constant use of gas. The solar panels will be used to provide adequate electricity for refrigeration when the power is not available.
  4. Wood to construct (4) sets of bunk beds- The bunk beds will accommodate multiple missionaries visiting at one time providing needed exposure to the area.  



Back to School 2014

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